About the authors and founders of Plant Empowerment

The book on Plant Empowerment has been written by the founding fathers of the concept: ir. P.A.M Geelen, ir. J.O. Voogt, and ing. P.A. van Weel.

Together, the authors form a multidisciplinary team of innovative experts with vast fundamental knowledge of plant physiology, physics, sensors, digital process control, and mechanics combined with many years of practical experience in horticulture.

ir. P. A. M. Geelen

Peter Geelen studied horticulture at the University of Wageningen. He started his career as a lecturer of plant physiology at HAS University and later gained 16 years of practical experience in the cultivation of cut roses as a consultant. Since 2007 he has owned the independent training and consultancy bureau Plantmonitoring.nl. His research into the relationships between plant balance and greenhouse climate from a physiological perspective significantly contributed to developing the Basic Principles of Growing by Plant Empowerment.

ir. J.O. Voogt

Jan Voogt studied electronics and sensor technology at the Technical University, Delft, The Netherlands. For over 40 years, he was involved in the development of greenhouse climate control systems at Hoogendoorn Growth Management, and since 2000 he also worked for LetsGrow.com. In 2021 he started his private bureau for research, consultancy, and education under the name of PlantPhysiLogics. His particular fields of interest are the physical backgrounds of plant behaviour and the interactions between macro and microclimate conditions in greenhouses. He believes that cultivation methods based on Plant Empowerment, that is to say, the natural vigor and resilience of plants, form the primary key to sustainable horticulture.

ing. P.A. van Weel

Peter van Weel had a rich 42-year career as a researcher at Wageningen University & Research, developing various innovative systems that are common in today’s greenhouses, such as the ebb and flood watering, roof cleaning, movable benches, and aquaponics systems. Together with Jan Voogt, he developed the climate control strategy “Aircokas” based on monitoring stomatal behaviour and optimising photosynthesis that is described in a patent and an ISHS publication (2008). After his retirement in 2016, he started the private company Weel.Invent to develop integrated, robust, low-investment, and uncomplicated production systems for greenhouse cultivation.

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The book “Plant Empowerment the basic principles”

Plant Empowerment is an integrated approach to the cultivation process that is based on the natural vigor of plants and uses physiological and physical principles instead of green fingers and feeling. Moreover, Plant Empowerment is universally applicable for all crops, all occurring climate zones, and various types of greenhouses.

The founders and authors of “Plant Empowerment the basic principles”, ir. P.A.M. Geelen, ir. J.O. Voogt and ing. P.A. van Weel have given a powerful innovative impulse to the worldwide pursuit of sustainable and profitable greenhouse horticulture.

Since its introduction in 2018, Plant Empowerment has enjoyed increasing international interest from growers, researchers, consultants, knowledge institutions, and policymakers. The book, which is available in Dutch, English, and Spanish, has already sold many thousands of copies in more than thirty countries.