Plant Empowerment

Plant Empowerment is an integrated approach based on physics and plant physiology that leads to a balanced cultivation method for the protected cultivation of crops, resulting in healthy resilient plants, high yield and quality, low energy costs, and economic greenhouse concepts.

The fast-growing world population and increasing scarcity of water, energy, and raw materials present us with enormous challenges. Surprisingly, nature itself offers the key to the solution.

Plant Empowerment is the roadmap to sustainable and profitable horticulture worldwide.

Coniunctio physicae botanicaeque mirable novos fructus producit

The book

“Plant Empowerment the basic principles”

Plant Empowerment is an integrated approach to the cultivation process that is based on the natural vigor of plants and uses physiological and physical principles instead of green fingers and feeling. Moreover, Plant Empowerment is universally applicable for all crops, all occurring climate zones, and various types of greenhouses.

The authors of “Plant Empowerment the basic principles”, ir. P.A.M. Geelen, ir. J.O. Voogt and ing. P.A. van Weel have given a powerful innovative impulse to the worldwide pursuit of sustainable and profitable greenhouse horticulture.

Since its introduction in 2018, Plant Empowerment has enjoyed increasing international interest from growers, researchers, consultants, knowledge institutions, and policymakers. The book, which is available in Dutch, English, and Spanish, has already sold many thousands of copies in more than thirty countries.