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Plant Empowerment is an integrated approach to the cultivation process that is based on the natural vigour of plants and uses physiological and physical principles instead of green fingers and feelings. Moreover, Plant Empowerment is universally applicable to all crops, all common climate zones and various types of greenhouses.

Since its introduction in 2018, this concept has enjoyed growing international interest from growers, researchers, consultants, knowledge institutions and policymakers. The book “Plant Empowerment the basic principles”, which is available in Dutch, English and Spanish, has already sold many thousands of copies in more than thirty countries.

An additional book was published in 2023 “Plant Empowerment Digital Cultivation” to meet the increasing need for practical guidelines for a uniform monitoring protocol enabling data-based crop management.

With this, the authors of Plant Empowerment, ir. P.A.M. Geelen, ir. J.O. Voogt and ing. P.A. van Weel has given a powerful, innovative impulse to the global pursuit of sustainable and profitable greenhouse horticulture.

Plant Empowerment the basic principes

The theory and practical implementation of Plant Empowerment are explained in the book “Plant Empowerment the basic principles”.
In 350 pages, the book describes the physiological and physical aspects of growing crops in greenhouses.
These physiological and physical principles are developed into a practical cultivation method applicable to all crops, all common climate zones and various types of greenhouses. With the help of clear step-by-step plans, one can get started right away.
In addition, the book provides a lot of useful technical information about greenhouses, installations and sensors, which is helpful in assessing existing and new greenhouse concepts.
The book is richly illustrated with drawings, photographs, graphs and diagrams and is suitable for educational and practical purposes.
The book is available in English, Dutch and Spanish.

Coniunctio physicae botanicaeque mirable novos fructus producit

Plant Empowerment Digital Growing

The book “Plant Empowerment Digital Growing” is a supplement to the Basic Principles and describes in 100 pages how the innovative concept, through a structured approach to data acquisition and monitoring according to a well-designed protocol, forms an excellent basis for all common forms of digital cultivation and autonomous cultivation using computer algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI). This makes the cultivation process easier and more sustainable, delivers a higher return, and accelerates the learning curve. It is also a manual for selecting and installing the relevant sensors to monitor the cultivation process in the greenhouse.
The book is richly illustrated with drawings and graphs and is suitable for educational and practical purposes.

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