Online Tools

The Online Tools below allow you to gain more insight into various processes affecting the plant in the greenhouse. The tools are also described in the book Plant Empowerment and can be very helpful in courses, seminars and e-learning to demonstrate specific principles of Plant Empowerment. 

The Process simulation tool

The Process Simulation tool provides insight into a number of physical processes in the greenhouse.

The tool includes several simple calculation models with which, among other things, energy consumption, moisture removal, and the effect of greenhouse and outdoor conditions on the ventilation process can be viewed.

Click here to open the Process simulation tool.

The Psychrometric chart

The Psychrometric chart provides insight into the properties of moist air.

The digital diagram contains 4 columns: outside, above the screen, inside (greenhouse), and plant. This allows making a complete analysis of, among other things, the moisture transport from the inside to the outside and the influence of temperature and RH on the enthalpy (energy content) of the air. For a full description of the diagram, see the appropriate chapter in the book Plant Empowerment.

Click here to open the on-line Psychrometric chart.

The Radiation monitor

The Radiation monitor provides insight into the longwave outgoing radiation of the crop in the greenhouse, and from the greenhouse roof to the sky.
Prevention of outgoing longwave radiation also referred to as heat emission, is one of the main principles of Plant Empowerment and therefore, well explained in the book.

The online monitor also includes an extensive explanation and background information that can be opened with the Info and Help buttons.

The monitor has been developed by Wageningen University and Research.

Click here to open the Radiation monitor.

The book

“Plant Empowerment the basic principles”