Philosophy behind sustainable and profitable growing with Plant Empowerment

The philosophy behind Plant Empowerment is that nature offers the solution for sustainable cultivation and optimal results by using the amazing natural features of plants.

Plants are naturally sustainable, efficient and resilient, so why not make optimal use of that?

Plant Empowerment is an integrated approach to the sustainable cultivation of crops in greenhouses. The starting point is to stimulate and promote the natural vigour of the plants by creating optimal growing conditions, both above the ground and in the root zone.

The Plant Empowerment concept is independent and freely accessible. The authors have developed it with the intention that it can be applied worldwide to make greenhouse horticulture more sustainable, as described in our mission.

Supporting the natural balances of plants by Plant Empowerment

Plants strive under all circumstances to keep their three balances in equilibrium to become strong and healthy. By supporting these balances, the plants make more efficient use of water, nutrients, and energy.

In nature, plants are resistant to most diseases and pests. Plant Empowerment uses these natural properties to optimize the plant’s resilience and growth.

That is why Plant Empowerment contributes to sustainable and profitable greenhouse horticulture.

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Sustainable and profitable growing requires an integrated approach

Plant growth and development is a complex process involving many factors. Moreover, these factors are interrelated and influence each other. This means that optimization of the cultivation process is only possible through an integrated approach that considers all elements and their interdependence.

The Plant Empowerment concept, therefore, uses the natural plant and greenhouse balances. The balances are based on the physiological and physical principles and rules that determine the behaviour of the plants and the greenhouse climate.

An important principle is that the limiting factor determines the result.

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Digital Growing / Autonomous Growing with Plant Empowerment

Because the growth and development of plants is a complex process in which so many factors and laws play a role, the classical cultivation method based on green fingers, experience, and feeling fails to optimise the process.

That is why Plant Empowerment uses sensors to monitor the climate conditions in the greenhouse and the plant reactions. Furthermore, the course of the growth process is recorded in objective crop observations, production figures, and so on.

This provides reliable data that forms the basis for Digital Growing and Autonomous Growing with Plant Empowerment; a cultivation method that is measurable and controllable, repeatable and improvable, but also much more easily scalable and transferable to young and inexperienced growers and consultants.

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Plant Empowerment is universally applicable

Because Plant Empowerment is based on the natural properties of plants and physical principles, the cultivation method can be used for all types of crops and all occurring climate zones on earth.
Moreover, with Plant Empowerment, technology is not a goal, but a tool. As a result, Plant Empowerment can be applied in all kinds of greenhouses with varying levels of technical facilities, from simple to highly advanced.

All of this makes Plant Empowerment the universal basis for sustainable and profitable greenhouse horticulture worldwide.

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The book

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